PackageFactory for U3

Welcome U3Applications Users!
Roll your own U3 apps with PackageFactory!
Now you too can convert applications to run on your new U3 USB Flash Drive. PackageFactory for U3 lets you convert any* application or EXE into a U3P Package File, for free! You can then install this U3P file onto any U3-compatible flash drive. PackageFactory for U3 works best for simple programs and applications with few support files (although you can add as many supporting DLLs and other EXEs as you need).

· Download PackageFactory for U3 (658 Kb)

PackageFactory for U3 is free to use for non-commercial purposes. The free version above has no restrictions and it will append "U3 build by" to the description of the U3P Package file.

PackageFactory is being used all over the web to get all types of apps onto U3. Examples are many: you can download the popular Windows cleaning app CCleaner in U3 format so that you can fix up any Windows box whenever you have your U3 drive on you [U3 download page at]. Update Feb 2010: Device Doctor is now also using Package Factory for their portable free driver update application.

* To take full advantage of U3 platform the application you convert also needs to be U3-aware, or at least rely minimally on Windows Registry.

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